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IZ: Unova
Chapter 2: Delusions of Grandeur
They left the library, going down the road.
"We're looking for Professor Juniper's lab, they say that you can get Pokemon from there," said Zim.
"I wonder what they'll be like," said Dib.
"The information I downloaded didn't have any pictures of them, so I wouldn't know."
Dib shrugged.  "Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough."
"You know, you're not that bad when you aren't trying to kill me," said Dib.
"Neither are you." They stopped outside of a large building.  Outside was a sign which read 'Professor Juniper's Research Lab.'  There were two other kids, looking about Zim and Dib's age, hanging around the entrance.
One of them, a girl, piped up, "Hello!  Are you two here to get Pokemon, too?"
Zim and Dib nodded.
The boy, a rather snobbish looking child, sneered.  "I haven't seen you two around here before."
"We just moved here," said Dib.
"Hm.  Think you can handle your own Pokemon?  'Cause I sure don't think you can."
The girl hit him on the arm. "Cheren!  Don't be a jerk!"
"Hey, I'm just telling it like it is!"
She shook her head, but perked up a second later.  "I'm Bianca, and this meanie here is Cheren.  Mind telling us your names?"
Dib spoke up.  "I'm Dib, and this is Zim," he said, gesturing.  "Is the Professor out or something?"
"Nah, she's just busy.  She'll be out in a minute!" said Bianca.
"You two better not take the Pokemon I want," said Cheren.  "I'm after Tepig!"
"We haven't actually seen the Pokemon they have there," said Dib.  "We just moved here, remember?"
Bianca nodded, looking in the window of the building.  "Ooh, here she comes now!"
A woman in a lab coat opened the door.  Seeing Zim and Dib, she smiled politely.  "Hello, I'm Professor Juniper, you can call me Professor Juniper!  Are you two here for your own Pokemon as well?"  Zim and Dib nodded.  "Well, come on in!  Cheren and Bianca have been talking non-stop about the fact that they're getting Pokemon all week, you know."
Zim and Dib, along with Cheren and Bianca, followed her in.  She gestured to a table.  Several, animal-like creatures sat on it patiently.  "These are Pokemon, you can pick yours from the whole bunch!"
Zim took a good look at them.  While very different in appearance, they all shared one quality: they were all tiny and adorable.  "Oh, they're kind of...cute."
"Cute?  I didn't know that word was even in your vocabulary, Zim," said Dib, a bit impressed.
"Well, yes; look at their giant eyes and tiny little bodies!  They're, by definition, cute!"
They went down the row, looking at each Pokemon.  Zim picked up a green one which looked rather like a cross between a lizard and a plant.  "I like this one," he said.
"Oh, that's a Snivy!" said Professor Juniper.  "Excellent choice!  They have very good speed and defense."
Dib picked up a little, otter-like blue and white one.  "This one's pretty cool."
"Ah, that's an Oshawatt.  Also a good choice!"
Cheren and Bianca had picked theirs as well.  "Purrloin and Tepig, nice ones!  Now, before you go off on your adventures, I have a special assignment for you.  You four seem reliable, so I am entrusting you with these new, prototype Pokedexes.  Whenever  you capture a new Pokemon, you can record its data in the Pokedex.  Pokedexes are valuable tools for trainers, but they must be complete first to be helpful!  Which is why I'm having you finish them!"
"But Professor," said Bianca.  "What IS a Pokedex?"
Zim's eyes flashed for a moment, and he spouted off in a monotone, "A Pokedex is a technical device, its main function as an encyclopedia of Pokemon; a complete one, when held up to any wild Pokemon, will inform its owner about the habits, type, and evolutionary pattern of a Pokemon.  Other functions of some especially high-tech ones include internet and storage."
They all stared at him.
"How the flip did you remember all that?" asked Cheren.
"No clue," said Zim, shrugging.  Actually, he did know how, but it would come off as a little odd if he were to say he downloaded it into his mind.
Professor Juniper, still smiling, handed them each their own Pokedexes.  "Take good care of them, now!"  They all nodded.  "Oh, and one last thing!"  She pulled a few round, red and white balls from her pocket, handing one to each of them.  "These are Pokeballs, you use them to keep your Pokemon safely tucked away when you aren't using them."
"They look a little...small to hold these things," said Dib.
"Oh, they make the Pokemon smaller to fit inside.  I heard that they're very comfortable inside, you know."
They all stared at her.  "Whatever you say, Professor," said Dib.
"Go on, then!  Have fun with your Pokemon!" she said.
They thanked her and went outside.  Zim and Dib were about to step forward, but Cheren stopped them.
"Hey," he said.  They turned around.  "We're all novice trainers, aren't we?  I'd like to see how you battle.  Let's have a Pokemon battle, right here."
"I've never battled anyone before," admitted Dib.
"Neither have we!" said Bianca.  "Just tell your Pokemon what to do!"
Zim and Dib looked down at their tiny Pokemon doubtfully.  "Which one of us would you like to battle?" asked Dib.
Cheren pointed at Zim.  "How about you?"
"Well, I suppose I can't refuse a challenge.  I'll take you up on that."
They cleared a space in between them.  Bianca whistled once, signaling the start.
"Tepig, tackle!" yelled Cheren.  His Tepig jumped up, charging Snivy.  Snivy jumped aside, making Tepig crash into a wall.
"Snivy, scratch!' commanded Zim.  Snivy jumped up, scratching the still shaken Tepig.
Tepig shook off the blow.  "Tepig, tackle!"  Tepig jumped forward, this time hitting Snivy straight on, knocking Zim's Pokemon to the ground.
"Snivy, scratch!"  Snivy got a sharp swipe right onto Tepig's flank.  Tepig dropped to the ground, fainted.
"And the winner is Zim!" yelled Bianca boisterously.  "That was awesome!"
"HOW?!" asked Sheren rhetorically.  "How could he beat me?"
"Oh, stop acting like the Pokemon League Champion, Sheren.  You just got your Pokemon a few minutes ago," said Bianca, shaking her head.
"Well, we should go get our Pokemon healed up, then we're going on to the next town," said Dib.  "Maybe we'll work on that Pokedex thing on the way."
They stopped by the Pokemon Center, having their Pokemon healed by a friendly-looking woman with dark brown hair. (Off topic, I noticed that the Nurses in Black/White really DO have brown hair.  Did Nurse Joy run out of relatives or something???)
After they got their Pokemon back, Sheren pointed straight at Zim.  "I'll show you!  I will become the strongest trainer of all time, the Pokemon League Champion, and then I will CRUSH YOU BOTH!!"  And with that, he dashed out of the Pokemon center, Tepig trailing behind him.
Bianca sighed, shaking her head.  "He has delusions of grandeur."
Yup, the next chapter of this weird crossover! I'm rather pleased with how this came out. Pokemon battles are far easier to write than fight scenes, that rather surprised me.
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saberkit667 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013   General Artist
So you WERN'T talking about Zim!:meow:
sweetflake3 Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
And I though Dib was annoying!
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
LOL this is the weirdest crossover like ever.
And that guy is EXACTLY like he was in the game, too.
crow5by5 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
XD man that one kid is a real annoyance lol. Great job on the chapter
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I really hate Cheren, even in the game XD. And Thank you, I'm pleased with it myself!
crow5by5 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:) as you should be
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
WOO!! Working on the next one! :iconimhappyplz:
crow5by5 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
That is great!!! XD
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Next chapter, Zim and Dib pick up a few new Pokemon, and meet a really creepy dude with green hair!
crow5by5 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
XD can't wait to see this
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Posting it now!
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JoonStudios Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
I prefer what you wrote initially, you know short bursts not long things of text but I plan on reading this, one year.
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