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March 28, 2011
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IZ: Unova
Chapter 3: An Odd Meeting
Zim and Dib walked through the forest path, looking down at the trainer cards they'd been given by the lady from the Pokemon Center.
"I swear, that lady put 'Pokemon Breeder' under Trainer Type on purpose," said Dib.  "You're lucky, you got 'Ace Trainer.'"
"Honestly, 'Pokemon Breeder' sounds like someone who really knows about Pokemon to me," said Zim.
"But to BREED them?!"
"I'll admit, that's a bit weird.  Under personality, I got 'Serious.'  What did you get?"
"'Naughty.'  I swear, that lady has it out for me."
Zim was about to reply, but he was bowled over to the ground.  When he recovered from the blow, he looked up at his attacker.  It was a tiny, puppy-looking Pokemon.  It was yipping happily, and and didn't seem at all combative.
"Hey, I think he likes you, Zim!"
"No kidding.  Say, maybe this would be a good opportunity to catch more Pokemon."  He pulled the puppy off of himself, drawing a Pokeball from his bag.  He tossed it at the puppy.  The ball opened, flashing, then closed, shaking on the ground.  One shake.  Two shakes.  Three shakes.  The ball clicked and stopped moving.
Zim picked the ball back up, releasing the Pokemon from it.  He opened up his Pokedex, registering the information.  "It appears to be called a Lillipup," he said.  He looked back down at the Pokemon, which was looking up at him expectantly.  "Oh, all right."  He knelt down, scratching it behind the ears.  After a little while, he returned it to its Pokeball.
"All right, let's keep going," said Dib.  "According to the Pokedex's map thing, we're almost to the next town."
"Accumula Town, right?"
Dib nodded, then looked up.  They were standing right next to a sign that said 'Accumula Town,' and they were right on the edge of the town itself.  They stood there for a minute.  "What are we waiting for; let's go in!" said Dib.
Several people were gathered around the town square.  A bunch of kids were running towards the commotion.  Was this some kind of freedom rally or something?
Zim and Dib made their way to the front of the crowd.  Several people in odd, white uniforms were standing in a row, making way for some guy in a ridiculous get-up – some kind of cloak, rather like a Druid might wear.
"We are Team Plasma!  Dedicated to the liberation of Pokemon, we stand together!"  The uniformed people chanted.
"Have any of you ever thought about how your Pokemon feel, trapped inside that Pokeball, having to obey everything you tell it to?  People treat Pokemon like slaves, and we are together in stopping this!"  The man in the cloak gestured, and they all filed out in a marching line.
Several people murmured amongst themselves.
"Could they be right?"
"They couldn't be!"
"Still, we've never been inside Pokeballs, have we?"
"They do kinda have a point!"
"No way!
The crowd finally thinned out, and Zim and Dib were left standing there.
"What was that all about?" asked Dib.
Zim started, "Your guess is as good as-"
"Hey!" They looked over to wear the voice was coming from.  There was an odd kid, about their age, standing right there.  He had long, green hair, and he wore a black and white sport jacket.  Hanging from one of his belt loops was what looked like a green Rubik's Cube with a hole in the center.  "I've been hearing your Pokemon talking, saying all kinds of things."
Zim and Dib stared at each other.  Was this guy crazy or something?
"I'm sorry, call me N!  I couldn't help but notice you two.  Now, if you'd allow me to test your skills as a trainer in battle?"
He sent out a Purrloin, the same Pokemon Bianca had picked.
"Wait, which of us is fighting?" they asked.
"Both of you!"  Zim and Dib looked at each other, but sent out their Pokemon, Snivy and Oshawatt.
"Oshawatt, tackle!"
"Snivy, vine whip!"  The Purrloin dodged the tackle by leaping into the air, but was caught in mid-air by Snivy's vine whip.  It was floored, being knocked to the ground.
"Oshawatt, tackle again!"  Oshawatt jumped up, landing a straight blow on the still tangled up Purrloin.  From the blow, Purrloin broke free from the vines' holds, falling back and standing its ground.
"Purrloin, scratch!"  The Purrloin jumped up, scratching Snivy straight across the face.  Snivy fell back, taken a great deal of damage from the critical hit.
"Snivy, return!" Zim pulled back Snivy, sending out Lillipup.  "Lillipup, bite!"  Lillipup jumped up, grappling with the cat Pokemon and getting a hold of it around the scruff.
"Oshawatt, water gun!"  Oshawatt shot forward a jet of water, knocking the Purrloin back.
"Lillipup, take down!"  Lilliput shot forward, barreling himself into the cat Pokemon and throwing it back.  Purrloin fell back, fainted.
Zim and Dib high-fived.  "Woo!  That was totally awesome!" said Dib.
"Indeed, it was!" agreed Zim.
N gave an unfathomable smile.  "I see...I've never heard Pokemon say things like that before..."  And with that, he spun around, walking away.
Zim and Dib stared at each other.  "That guy was creepy to the nine-thousandth power," said Zim.
"No kidding!  What was that he said about our Pokemon talking to him?"
"Who knows...Come on, let's go down to the Pokemon Center."
Yup, the next chapter in my fanfic. Here, Zim and Dib meet N, the mysterious dude of mysterious mysteriousness! Enjoy!
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sweetflake3 Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg! I stood outside of gamestop for like 1.5 hrs waiting for the game!
That and my brother bribed me w/ Starbucks.
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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Standing in the cold was so worth it!
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
It's a good game, but I haven't played since like, the week I bought it. Busy and stuff.
I picked the male character and named him Zim.
sweetflake3 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I about named the girl character Gaz... I should have.
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I'm an insanely obsessed fan.
I have plushies. Lots of plushies. I carry a Zim paperchild around with me everywhere. I laugh like Tak.
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I laugh like Tak ppl think I'm crazy like ppl think Dib is crazy and my personality is like Gaz..... And I WANTZ PLUSHIES!!!!
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I use a lot of Gaz's lines as insults.
Random girl: Ew, you're ugly!
Me: Why do you have to have a head?

I also have Zim's sadistic, insane personality.
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JoonStudios Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
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