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Invader Zim - Through the Fangirls' Twisted Mind
*PLZNOTE* Read Chapter 1 first if you haven't already, plz!
Chapter 2: The New Kid
It was an average, boring day in school.  Ms. Bitters lectured, yelled at people, along with all the other usual things.  It was average as average got...that is, until the principal came in.  He and Ms. Bitters spoke in hushed tones, until she nodded and he left the room.  Ms. Bitters spoke up in her loud, screechy voice, "Class, we have a new student joining us.  Please be welcoming, as he might not be as bad as you kids turned out.  Now come on in, whatever your name is."  The door cracked open, and the new kid stepped in.  Everyone's mouths dropped open.  The new kid was AWESOME, and he hadn't even spoken a single word yet.  He was very pale with black hair and blue-gray eyes, and he wore a nicely fitting long-sleeved shirt with an odd symbol on it - it must have been some new designer or something who made it.  It was something about how his silky hair flipped, and how his eyes shined with an almost inhuman air that made him so impossibly, untouchably cool.  He was just one of those people that was awesome for no particular reason at all.  "Would you like to tell us your name before I force you to sit down and learn with the rest of the rotten students?"
He seemed unfazed.  He said simply, "My name is Zim," in a soft, melodic voice.
Dib eyed Zim suspiciously...something seemed strangely familiar about that name.  He knew he'd heard it before.  Suddenly, Dib's mind flashed back to six months ago, when he'd sat on the rooftop with his radio.  "Your turn, Zim."  Dib's eyes flashed.  This kid...he was an alien plotting to destroy the world.  But what would Zim's first move be?  Well, they'd just have to wait and see...
. . .
It seemed that the new kid was good at everything.  He didn't appear particularly strong, but he excelled in P.E.  He created a painting to rival the Mona Lisa in art class.  The students were waiting for him to gravitate straight to the popular crowd, but he didn't.  When the popular kids came over and practically gave him an invitation in, he said no.  At lunch, he started to try to make friends.  He went over to the table where Dib and his sister Gaz sat.  Dib's mind went into panic mode.  The alien was trying to talk to him!
Zim came up and smiled politely. "Hello, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm in the same homeroom as you, and I was wondering if-"  Zim didn't get to finish his sentence.  Dib's arm shot out and hit Zim squarely in the stomach.  "OW!  W-what was that for?"
"ALIEN!" shouted Dib.
Zim looked confused.  "Alien, what the - what would you think I'm an alien for?"
Dib gave a twisted smile. "I heard your leaders send you here!  I knew you were coming!  And I am going to stop your evil plans!"
Gaz glared at Dib.  "Nice job, Einstein.  Somebody finally tries to be nice to us, and you blow it.  I won't be surprised if he never talks to us again!  And shut up, my video game isn't working right, and I'm TRYING to fix it!"
Zim smiled again.  "I can fix it."
Gaz looked up at him.  "You can?"  Zim nodded.  She handed her Game Slave over to Zim.  She never trusted people with her precious video games, but somehow, she felt he really did know what he was doing.  Zim pulled a laptop out of his shoulder bag, along with a few odd USB cables and a screw driver.  Zim worked like a professional on Gaz's console.  He quickly unscrewed a few screws here, plugged in the USBs, and started coding like a fiend.
"Here you go," he said, handing it back to her.  Gaz turned it on.  It worked just as well as it did when she first bought it.
"T-thank you." she said, blushing.
"Anytime," said Zim, and he walked away.  Dib was furious.  Not only did Zim seem perfectly, HUMANLY normal, he was pretty sure that alien just hit on his sister.  This meant war.
The next chapter in my Invader Zim fanfic! Yes, I made Zim as awesome as possible. I feel that since Fangirl creations are so idealized, I could give Zim a break and idealize him as well. Oh, and the entire story isn't going to be told in Dib's perspective. Zim will be our main character in the next chapter. It was actually pure torture writing from Dib's perspective since I really don't like Dib. (He's so mean to Zimmeh!)
*EDIT* Chapter 3 is out!!! =)
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Filllyreports Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i love how dib friggin punches him for like literally no reason XD
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SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Wow, seriously? I didn't even think it was that good! You just made my scratch that - my week. I'm gonna work on chapter 3 now! =D
GirlyClam Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
wow!!!!! it feels great to make someones week :D yaaaay!!!! chapter 3!! i can't wait :D :dance:
SnowCatManga Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
It's already out! I just had a typing seizure lol.
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